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3ibooks is different. It takes a thoughtful and proactive approach with each client or customer and strives to get to know what it is they really want, and why they want it. It uses a variety of online and other types of tools to customize a set of life-changing products and services for people and then delivers it to them. It prescribes to the philosophy of high tech and high touch, the perfect union of technology and personal contact. This comes from John Naisbitt and his bestselling book from 1982 called Megatrends


3ibooks started life in 2009 as a distributor of books on mind, body, and spirit. In 2011 it partnered with Market America / and moved beyond distributing books to becoming an economic vehicle where anyone with vision and the right attitude could become successful regardless of their age, background, or demographics.


3ibooks shares a common vision with Market America. It is an engine that is powered by people - of the people, by the people, and for the people. It saves them precious time and puts dollars in their pockets. This is money that's being spent anyway by people to simply live their lives. It is redirected back to these people when they shop on, turning them from consumers into prosumers. 


Market America takes search one step further by private labeling a variety of innovative products that are lower cost, environmentally friendly, and healthy. This opens up a whole new world for 3ibooks and its customers. 3ibooks acts as a guide to the mall without walls, and has the ability to service millions of customers anywhere in the world. Through its strategic partnership with Market America, 3ibooks is able to achieve its mission of helping people to save money, make money, look and feel better, and to set up its customers with their own Shopping Annuity, a remarkable system of economic alchemy that pays customers ongoing income to shop for the things they are already buying! 


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